How We Work


Identifying and Prioritizing Organizational Needs

Establishing an overall understanding of an organizations unique characteristics, priorities, and concerns. Helping you to build a roadmap reflecting specific aims for growth.

Building A Plan For Implementation

Maximizing participation and ensuring quality data collection by designing questions that are relevant and relatable. Building buy-in and acceptance with participants by implementing a reliable communication strategy.



Developing a Tailored Assessment

Translating organizational aims and priorities into a set of customized measurable constructs. Pilot testing will be used to inform quality improvement and to ensure a seamless process in administering assessments.

Collecting & Analyzing Data

Data is collected following evidence-based strategies and conducted by deeply experienced researchers and practitioners.



Providing Actionable Reports & Recommendations

Experts in Diversity & Inclusion will interpret your data and provide tangible reports along with actionable recommendations for services offered.

Delivering Services & Continued Support

Services are custom packaged to meet your unique organizational needs including assessments, consulting, and training. Offering services in multiple platforms including in-person, online, workshops, train the trainer, and speaker engagement formats.


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