Equity & Inclusion

Equity & Inclusion Training and Education

Our training and educational services give learners the knowledge and skills necessary to create true equity and full inclusion within organizations. All of our trainings are tailored to your organizational goals and are offered in a variety of formats, including asynchronous online courses, in-person workshops, and real-time webinars. Our trainings are based on the strongest interdisciplinary scientific evidence and are brought to life through the lived experiences of learners just like you.

Learning Experiences that Inspire Organizational Change

Increase Understanding

Learning experiences that reflect the most current science and achieve authentic learning.

Develop Skills That Empower Inclusion

Engage learners in skill building through multiple learning platforms on selected topics by your organization and in alignment with adult learning theory for optimal results.

Put Practice Into Action

We identify meaningful educational solutions that bring about real change and lay the foundation for continued learning.

“A key goal for the Institute for Equity & Inclusion Sciences’ training programs is helping people understand that we walk in different worlds.”

Promoting An Inclusive Culture Through Evidence-Based Learning Experiences

Our mission is to achieve true equity and full inclusion for the benefit of the organization, their members, and the people they serve. We provide evidence-driven and tailored learning experiences that provide learners the opportunity to build insight, understanding, knowledge, and the skills needed to progress inclusion and diversity initiatives.

Our learning experiences are:

  • Developed by scientists
  • Empower actions to change
  • Rigorously tested
  • Continuously updated
  • Designed for the real world

How do we work?

  1. Identify & Prioritize Organizational Need

    Building a comprehensive lens for future growth by establishing a deep understanding of an organization’s unique characteristics, priorities, and concerns

  2. Build A Plan For Implementation

    Maximize participation and ensure quality data collection by asking questions that are relevant and relatable through an effective communication strategy.

  3. Develop Tailored Assessment Tool(s)

    Translate aims and priorities into a set of measurable constructs.

  4. Collect & Analyze Data

    Data is collected following evidence-based strategies and conducted by deeply experienced researchers and practitioners in this perspective area of study.

  5. Provide Reports & Recommendations

    Interpretation of data by highly skilled Diversity & Inclusion scientists that will provide tangible reports along with actionable recommendations for services offered by EIS.

Training Services Committed To Achieving Real Change

The Institute for Equity and Inclusion Sciences (IEIS) is a partnership of scientists and professionals utilizing adult learning theory and instructional design principles to maximize learning, build skills, empower learners, and inspire change. We offer a variety of training and educational services including workshops, seminars, talks, and keynotes. These services are provided in multiple platforms including online, multimedia, and on-site training.

We acknowledge that each organization has its own set of unique characteristics, priorities, and concerns. Our team will work with your organization to determine the best strategy given your industry specific goals and tailor every learning experience to fit your needs. Structured support is provided as a part of our services to ensure continued progress toward your organization’s diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Our learning experiences reflect the most current science on unconscious bias and stereotype threat and give learners the skills they need to minimize the negative effects of these cognitive processes on personal performance and organizational success. By leveraging the most innovative and cross disciplinary research we are able to develop educational interventions that produce the most meaningful learning. Learning experiences use a narrative tone that joins with the participant as opposed to the method of being “talked at.” This allows us to present information and evidence using storytelling and multimedia that are more likely to result in a higher level of productive learning. We make these experiences easily accessible and time friendly with units taking approximately ten minutes to complete at a time.

EIS training and educational services are mission driven to change the way people think, behave, and interact.

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