Equity & Inclusion

Climate Assessment & Culture Audits

Our assessments are designed to identify and assess the underlying issues that truly impact organizational effectiveness and performance, employee experience, and consumer perspective. This service is tailored to meet your unique needs, because we recognize that one size does not fit all. Information gathered from our assessments yield meaningful feedback, actionable data, and recommendations that guide your organization in developing a roadmap toward full inclusion. This service is designed to give you the tools and skills to create real lasting change.

Empowering Change Through Data Driven Assessment

Customized Approach

Assessments are tailored to your organization’s unique characteristics utilizing a user-friendly and secure interface for employee access.

Organizational Insight

Introspective analysis of your current organizational climate, strengths, and barriers toward change.

Industry Specific Solutions

Assessments that add value and result in recommendations that will assist your organization in developing a complete roadmap to achieve true inclusion.

What people say about our training

The massive body of scientific evidence on equity and inclusion is dense, complex, and difficult to interpret. We provide the appropriate tools to gather actionable data and the expert knowledge to conduct reliable analysis.

Focused on Reliable Results and Industry Specific Solutions

In the last two years we have conducted our assessments with over 40,000 participants from numerous organizations including medical schools, graduate educational programs, and healthcare organizations. We have also engaged over 100,000 participants in our online questionnaires, including tens of thousands of health care personnel, medical students, and higher education students. Our approach incorporates:

  • Careful examination of the factors that underlie an organization’s ability to create a truly inclusive and equitable environment for their members and the people they serve.
  • Customizing the assessment to reflect unique organizational characteristics and needs.
  • Analysis of data resulting in meaningful feedback and actionable recommendations.
  • Assistance in developing a full roadmap to achieve your organizational goals.
  • Providing evidence-based strategies that yields industry specific solutions.

How do we work?

  1. Identify & Prioritize Organizational Need

    Building a comprehensive lens for future growth by establishing a deep understanding of an organization’s unique characteristics, priorities, and concerns

  2. Build A Plan For Implementation

    Maximize participation and ensure quality data collection by asking questions that are relevant and relatable through an effective communication strategy.

  3. Develop Tailored Assessment Tool(s)

    Translate aims and priorities into a set of measurable constructs.

  4. Collect & Analyze Data

    Data is collected following evidence-based strategies and conducted by deeply experienced researchers and practitioners in this perspective area of study.

  5. Provide Reports & Recommendations

    Interpretation of data by highly skilled Diversity & Inclusion scientists that will provide tangible reports along with actionable recommendations for services offered by EIS.

Creating An Inclusive Lens With Evidence-Based Tools

The Institute for Equity and Inclusion Sciences (EIS) is a partnership of scientists and professionals offering data driven tools and evidence based strategies that assist organizations in analyzing factors that promote or inhibit full inclusion, deep diversity, and true equity. The massive body of scientific evidence on equity and inclusion is dense, complex, and difficult to interpret. EIS provides the appropriate tools to gather actionable data and the expert knowledge to conduct reliable analysis. Anecdotal or observational evidence of how an organization is performing is inadequate and requires a systematic and reliable assessment achieve real change.

We have successfully conducted these assessments with dozens of organizations and tens of thousands of employees consistently demonstrating respect for participants and a commitment to safeguarding confidential information. In recognizing the immense value of each participant’s perspective we can develop a comprehensive and inclusive lens for future growth where assessments are relevant, relatable, and yield actionable data. The first step toward improving diversity and inclusion practices starts with understanding where you are today and creating further introspection through data analysis.

We offer two primary tools to collect data including climate assessments and culture audits. These assessments carefully examine the factors that underlie a group or organizations ability to create an inclusive and equitable environment for their members and the people they serve. Our assessments are designed to enable organizations to identify a baseline of the existing workplace culture, work-life issues, how unconscious attitudes impact behavior, and how issues of equity impact employees. These tools further allow organizations to assess not just how, but why employees feel the way they do about their jobs.

We acknowledges that each organization has its own set of unique characteristics, priorities, and concerns. Assessments are thoughtfully created to reflect organizational aims in survey form through a a secure online environment where identifiable information remains anonymous. These tools are useful in identifying areas of growth and development for organizational change. The integration of the principles and values of inclusion, respect, personal responsibility, empowerment, high performance, and commitment to the organization are all significant pieces of the roadmap that EIS assist groups in navigating seamlessly.

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