How a Climate Assessment Strengthens Your Foundation for Change

Diversity is an integral aspect of core functioning of any organization; it’s not about “getting rid of a problem.” Diversity is embedded in issues of fairness, morale, justice, procedures, ability to adapt to changing conditions, ability to attract and meet the needs of diverse customers—all things that are central to the functioning of the organization.…

Race and Ethnicity Differences* in Mental Health, Well-being & Sense of Belonging at the End of 4th Year of Medical School

The Medical Student CHANGE Study used validated measures to assess mental health symptoms, burnout, self-esteem and sense of belonging among students attending a stratified random sample of 49 medical schools.  The table below presents mean scores broken down by race and ethnic subgroup.  See the main web page for the CHANGE Study for information on methods and measures.
On all measures, students who identified as Black had less favorable scores than their white counterparts.  Students that identified as White had the highest sense of belonging in their school as compared to students of any other race and ethnicity.

How the Pitfalls of Fake Science Might Skew Your Diversity & Inclusion Approach

Recently there has been increased publicity around “fake” scientific studies. These have two major implications for our work. First, they may serve to increase existing skepticism about the value of applying scientific evidence to D&I efforts. Second, well-meaning D&I consultants and trainers may not know how to distinguish real studies from fake evidence or high-quality…